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Au Insurance compares quotes from India's leading insurance companies at once - showing more options than your average insurance agent. We work directly with the insurance companies to get them for you. Our comparison engine automatically simplifies your options by matching you with the best insurance companies based on you and your needs.

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Buying without weighing your options might turn out to be expensive. We've seen that the more insurance companies you compare, the more savings and better coverage you're able to find. In a busy life, you probably don't have 15 minutes to spend getting just one quote, but 90 seconds to compare every leading insurance company is a deal :)

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You compared all features and still confused to make any decision? No worries! Text your query and let our expert assist you and get you personalized recommendations based on your unique needs and preferences. Insurance isn't just something you have to buy - it's a way to keep you, and your wallet secure.

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Create a hassle free Electronic Insurance Account (e-IA) to access your Insurance policies digitally. Anytime. Anywhere.
Safeguard your policy documents and Keep track of it with our unique Portfolio Management Feature.

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